I will be in the USA and Canada from 27th July for 6 weeks. On my return I will be offering workshops for schools,  for a corporate client and for individuals on a Thursday evening. More details on Facebook at 

Eureka Life Drawing 

In early January I will be offering an Art Summer School with Thea Bates of Art in an Hour 

Please contact me on if you are interested in a workshop or would like more details 

Some feedback 

from a class for secondary students taught jointly with Convent artist Rick Matear 

I just wanted to send my sincerest thanks to you both for the workshop you did with our students. The kids had a great time and got a lot out of the experience and loved seeing your studios. Many still are talking about their experience and the inspiration you gave them.

I look forward to the next cultural tour where we can hopefully catch up again!

Autumn Art School 2017 

Once again in partnership with Thea Bates of Art In An Hour I will be teaching at an art school here at the Convent. For details see here Art Autumn School 2017

Drawing with Eureka 

From mid March 2017 I will be offering folks the opprtunity to draw with me on Thursday nights in my studio at the Abbotsford Convent. For bookings email me at


On Sunday 22nd January at 3pm I will be running Queer and Alternative life drawing workshop in the gallery where my Scarlatta Exhibition will be showing, based on some hugely popular events I have run at Confest, an alternative living festival held in Moulamein in Southern New South Wales 

Eurekateaching life drawing Confest 2016

People of different genders will be posing in a series of tableaux for periods of 20 minutes or so over a two hour period. You can come for free if you pose for an hour and draw for an hour, otherwise its $20 15b concession. 
 I aim to give artists an understanding of being a model and vice a versa.  I encourage everyone to preregister so I can book more models . You don't have to be gay to attend but you do have to be broad minded. More information and to register your interest see

 A lot of life drawing is well Lifeless - static nudes in a semi-comatose state have their place but there is also room for the liveliness and cheekiness of the Queer gaze. Here are some photos and drawing of events I have organized over the years which incorporate elements of fetish, costume, interaction between same sex models and even some tasteful erotic allusions!

hope you can join me for this exciting MIDSUMMA event 


 Expressive life drawing classes start again Thursday nights from 7 to 9 PM for 10 weeks at the Abbotsford Convent commencing 13th October 2016. Please follow for up to date details of venue , what to bring, upcoming models and special events. After my time in Venice I am looking forward to sharing with you some inspiring images and ideas

here is one sketch from my Venice sketchbook

and some poses I am going to have a model replicate from Palazzo Grimani in Venice 

Classes are usually held in my studio C1.24 on the first floor of  the old Convent building

For over a decade I have run life drawing workshops at festivals and events. I have been approached by a number of people I have taught at these events to run life drawing classes. I have helped many people to "let go" and enjoy themselves.

Photography has freed us from the necessity to replicate exactly what we see and artists are encouraged to develop their own unique style.  My style is expressive tends towards colour and mixed media but I will help you explore what ever style suits you

Life-drawing underpins my arts practice teaches me how to observe closely, play with light, form and colour and to develop poses that express emotion. No matter how many times I hold life drawing sessions I appreciate the willingness of the models to present themselves naked and unadorned

If you are an experienced life-drawer you can come along and do your own thing. If you are a beginner or want to develop a more expressive style we will go through some exercises that will help you express yourself and improve your technical skills

Fees are $20 for general public, $15 concession for health care holders and Convent tenants, to cover costs of life-models, studio  hire and my facilitation time.  The classes will begin with very short poses to awaken the eye and hand and as we warm up will progress to 5,10 and 20 Minute poses. Mixed media artists are welcome to attend.

 Fees are payable in cash at the commencement of the class. There will be at least one experienced male or female model at each session

Weekend life drawing 

There are two occasions when you can draw on the weekend 

The first is a come and try session as part of the Abbotsford Convents's Open Spaces day on Sunday November 6th ,two one hour tasters one at 11AM  the other at 2PM. I f you know someone wanting to try out what the experience feels like invite them to come to one of these sessions  

The second is on Sunday Sunday 22nd  January 3-5PM:it will have a queer and alternative focus and  be held in the St Heliers Gallery

Please email me at  if you would like further details of classes or if you are an experienced life drawing model

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