Passionate Men

I have focussed extensively on catholic iconography in my work in the past and I wanted to expand my use of symbols from the purely Catholic while keeping some of the methods of presentation used by Catholic artists especially those of the Counter Reformation

I was inspired by life-models most of whom were internationals looking for work in Berlin and highly motivated to model for me for the cash. Most were first time models

I asked them to bring props representing what they are passionate about to the shoot. I found having something to talk about helped them relax into their nakedness. Sometimes a pose is enough to highlight their passion
Model Swimmer Berlin Texture Prague

Model Ricardo Berlin playing 70s instrument handmade textures
Many different textures and overlays are tried for each model, often I prefer a texture from the area the model comes from. This texture I made from an ink wash

DJ Fabrizio Berlin  with his favourite vinyl disc Textures Central Victoria Australia

Oliver Model Melbourne with Boxing Glove Tapes Texture Dresden

Possible Exhibition format

I was moved by the visions of ecstasy in the baroque churches of Munich and Prague as demonstrated through sculpture painting and ceiling art. Here are some collages of passionate men in this format, they could work as ceiling wall or floor projections

Andrew Berlin with his notebook of ideas texture Prague Senate Palace

Textile artist John Melbourne with his spools of thread  and woven rugs texture Munich 

DJ Fabrizio Berlin with his vinyl disks texture Morocco and Surf Coast Australia

More examples are at

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