Hundertwasser Museum Vienna

Today I visited the museum of Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928 –2000) in Vienna today
I know he is old hat to many architects and artists but I have only just discovered this amazingly talented man  who lived in Vienna, Aotearoa and Venice

 The building itself, formerly the Thonet furniture factory, was architecturally remodelled according to Hundertwasser's own designs.

I am totally charmed by the building, his unique vision, his

philosophy and inventiveness.. i'ts like visiting slice of

Eltham on acid !

Here are some facade views

there were two features that appealed to me in particular.. the gently sloping floors that were really playful and the way that light
boxes with trees came right into the house almost like the way a fireplace enlivens a room.

  The artist spoke for himself in a film that also documented his life in Venice.. where he owned the Garden of Eden apartments after a time living on his yacht. He talks of man having three skins .. his own , his clothes and his architecture and he lectured nude to demonstrate the importance of design that was sensitive to human needs and restored his relationship to the natural world  .. his artwork was Klimt like in the sense of mosaic style patterning and luminous colour and he said that painting is a religious act  full of mystery and surprise.

overall a very inspiring visit

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