Exhibition at the Convent Gallery Daylesford

Hi everyone welcome to the blog of Michael James O'Hanlon visual artist and writer AKA Eureka.

here is a blurb about me and my art.

 I am delighted to be exhibiting in the tower room at the convent throughout July and early August 

Cnr. Hill & Daly St, Daylesford
Ph:             +61 3 5348 3211      
Fax: +61 3 5348 3339

Michael drawing at Hagia sofia in Istanbul


Michael O’Hanlon Is a Melbourne based artist who exhibits regularly in group exhibitions. His most recent exhibitions have been at the Thousand Pound Bend Gallery, Rosalyn Smorgon Gallery Footscray, Joel Gallery Altona and the Convent Gallery Daylesford.

He studied at Footscray Community Arts Centre from 2007-9 achieving a Certificate in Further Education Art Studies His course included foundation studies, cultural perspectives cross media applications and contemporary art practice. Michael also has a Bachelor of Arts, Melbourne and Auckland Universities, Bachelor of Social Work Melbourne University and a Masters of Business, Victoria University.
Michael is a qualified social worker with training in psychology and critical social theory and collaborates closely with architects and designers in his consulting practice.  - These influences can be seen in his choice of subject matter for his visual arts practice which ranges from the figurative to architectural illustrations and in the innovative public buildings he has commissioned, for example Altona Meadows Library

His work questions inequalities based on gender and race, the colonisation of the gay male body by contemporary capitalism and religious oppression of gay people
As well as exploration of the male form through life drawing, found image, video and text, Michael’s body of work include formalist, still life, urban seaside and rural landscapes, religious, emotional and spiritual art, site specific installations social change and community engagement through art
Michael uses a variety of media include painting drawing with ink and white out, photography mixed media and video. His work is rich, multi coloured, multi layered, textured, patterned politically aware and emotionally expressive.

According to Dr Annie Bolitho
  “Michael’s art is motivated by the power of revelation. This is art-in-the –world, a stand for full human potential and a reaching for social rights. Nowhere is this more clearly stated than in the artist’s frequent return to the themes of the Eureka Flag and the male body un-clothed. What does it mean to be a self determined Australian? Michael asks”

For inspiration Michael uses a journal.
“I write/ create in my journal several times a week and also use it to explore new themes in both my life and my art. I use the journal process to help me observe life more closely, to work out issues with my life, to cope proactively with change in relationships or work.  Journals vary from 30 -60 % handwritten text, the rest is drawing, collected materials including poetry or material I have photographed or downloaded and printed on my quirky inkjet printer and pasted in.”
 These journals have become works of art in their own right and were exhibited at Joel Gallery in January 2010. He can be contacted on 0419750942 or via email email

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