I am taking the works to the convent at Daylesford tomorrow, when I looked in my "Year with Hafiz" book by Daniel Ladinksy (Penguin Books ) I found the following poem listed under today's date

The Greatest and most lasting art, the impetus of it, I feel, always comes from a wanting to help.
A wanting to free,and an enthusiasm to express discovery.

Each soul at some point will begin to feel all is 
within it and then attends ,a s it were, to its own inner world .That attendance may not result in anything considered tangible reaching the masses

But the artist also becomes aware of inner spheres and mingles with them, and then puts these experiences into what they most care about for the world to see and touch if the world wants 

I know all my poems come from a wanting to give something useful .

I am attaching the images from the exhibition . I hope they will inspire by their beauty and that their subject matter may also stimulate some useful discussion 

All works are framed limited edition of 20 original studio photography photo-manipulation printed on metallic paper numbered and signed 
 Printing by CPL digital South Melbourne 

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