Inspiration of the Convent

I am at Maldon tonight looking forward to meeting Deb, Patrick Adrian and  Graham together with my hosts here Sue and Gavin and our mutual friend Desley for drinks at the Convent tomorrow.
Attached are some pics of last weekend's visit with my friend John, my brother Richard his wife Melanie and my gorgeous niece Monika pictured with their favourite images.

Major shoot and late night processing images yesterday of new model Robin agianst images i took last weekend at the Convent - I have to decide this weekend which images will go into my submission for the Blake Prize - here are some images from the new shoot- feedback welcome.

John and I went for a walk in the Daylesford botanical gardens -a little chilly but beautiful. The final image is of the Convent in the rain -my exhibition is in the corner room closest to the viewer


  1. great expressive poses with Robin enhanced by the powerful overlays

  2. Thanks Edward I think you are the first to leave a comment on my blog