Opening Night party Caravan studios Tasha Highton Galleries

With new friends at Caravan studios for the Fetishe show Tasha Highton Galleries 

model John and partner underneath the work starring John that caused a lot of comment

Thanks for coming Nosh Tim John Damian Michel and friends 

This work featuring model  Bruno and a layer of images from  Tarrawarrra Monastery was specially prepared for the show - I chose the limited colour range to compliement the work by other artists  in the show - it received a lot of comment ! There is an even better R rated coloured version contact me if you want to see it !

Thanks you Zoran and David for the beautiful way you framed and printed this piece -if no one buys it I'm hanging it in my home !

Fabulous night last night - Huge thank you to Zoran and his team at Tasha Highton Galleries and Sam and Nancy at Caravan studios Richmond who combined with the artists to put on a great show. The quality of the printing framing and salon style hanging was extraordinary, rich deep black ink sumptuous framing it has taken my work to another level  Thank you to Tim Damian Nosh John A, model John Michel and friends and all of you who support my art making . Open this weekend to the public and by arrangement until Christmas contact me if you want to see it. The work is also on sale on line at