Dauntless Jock @ Chill out

I recently found this old boys own story book featuring a rather handsome man in the jungle  on the cover with the intriguing title Dauntless Jock
I began to think how I could pose two models of mine Chris and John in dauntless poses and perhaps a little more deeply how I could demonstrate their Dauntlessness
Of course  I couldn't resit a direct reference to my favorite item of male clothing the jock strap - here is John posing against the tiles of St Paul's cathedral !The wonders of technology !
Chris shows his courage in other ways - here he is in the pic entitled Caught Talking Dirty

Come along and see other new works in this series and highlights of other recent exhibitions next Saturday as a part of group show at the Chill out Festival Daylesford

warning some of the work by other artists is more explicit than my work