a via Venetias

A Via Venetias

like some Renaissance scholar or artisan I am seeking a way to Venice.. for years I have been told I am a colourist and Venice is the home of colourists. I have always resisted the idea of just being a tourist in Venice, I want to observe and wonder yes but also create learn and encounter. 

.. and my home town Melbourne Australia has many links with Venice .. from the slightly surreal gondola on the Yarra
to the more substantial Veneto club  “A Small Corner of the Veneto”  for those who had left the region after the Second World War

Unknown Italian immigrants collection of the artist 
and an enduring Venetian impact on Melbourne's architecture from the former stock exchange, the ANZ bank building and the Rialto Hotel and the Forum Theater

Rialto Hotel
Former stock exchange Melbourne 

 ANZ Bank Melbourne 
Forum Theater Flinders Street  Melbourne 

to the Eureka tower one of the tallest buildings in the Southern Hemisphere built by the Grollo family from the Veneto region
Eureka Tower Melbourne 

so when I get to Venice what do I want to do ?

1. Sketch buildings especially domed buildings

On site drawings by the Artist Eureka 

The Artist Drawing in Hagia Sophia Istanbul

2. Photograph unique architectural backgrounds for my ongoing decoupages d'hommes series

Alive in the Corridors of Power Photomontage by Eureka background Residenz Munich   

3. Study Venetian painting especially the unique use of colours, the male nude in religious paintings and architectural ornamentation and Counter Reformation Portraiture

4. Gain some basic skills in print making through attending workshops 

5. Applying my community development expertise to look at how community services such as aged care centres, schools childcare centres and libraries are provided in a heritage setting approaching the Municipality of Venice for information and contacts

Library I commissioned  for Hobsons Bay City Council 

some warm ups for Venice

Today 13/06/2016 I fly out for Budapest on my way to Venice . I recall Thomas Mann's quote I must tell you that we artists cannot tread the path of Beauty without Eros keeping company with us and appointing himself as our guide.

so it is with a mixture of sensual and spiritual hope and anticipation that I commence my journey.. 

When I encounter difficulties in my travels I will be comforted by other words of Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann

“...nearly everything great owes its existence to “despites”: despite misery and affliction, poverty, desolation, physical debility, vice, passion, and a thousand other obstacles.”

Death In Venice 
 26th June 2016

A via venetias Finally arrived in Venice this evening very much looking forward to the company of other artists . here is the view from my window for the next 4 weeks and some of the sites on the way .. despite everything hip operation lack of money etc I have made it happen .. Thomas Mann in Death in Venice says there is no art without Despite.


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