Model Behaviour Exhibition Berlin

Held at the Institute Cervantes in the Centre of Berlin this exhibition was the result of a collaboration between myself and 6 other artists selected internationally. .
These were

 Left to Right

Beth Dillon, Australia Peter Biggart USA, Amie Lin, USA, Michael O´Hanlon Merlin Carter Germany Raquel Nava  Brasil and Tom├ís Espinosa. Germany.

I collaborated closely with  the other artists contributing my knowledge of socio-drama and psychometrics in a performance as part of the final exhibition called Model Behaviours and held on 5th June 2014

Where does Art intersect with the Social? - the question posed by AFFECT in this first module with this group developed quite surprisingly, taking the residents, the facilitators and the team of Agora to unexpected results.
The artists, together with their facilitators took part in workshops, curatorial visits, walks, viewing art, talks and public activities. We danced together, shared meals, agreed and disagreed, worked through conflict and  found consensus in the time frame of 12 weeks to prepare Model Behaviours, this collective project presented at Instituto Cervantes Berlin and also produced  publication edited by Broken Dimanche Press.

 As a result of my time at Agora and contacts I made I also provided pro bono training and support to not for profit providers based at Agora seeking to engage with local disadvantaged groups.

On the night of the exhibition I welcomed guests to the exhibition and asked them to rate their level of social comfort  on a scale of 1 to 7 represented by 7 figures on a large chart. They were then reinvited to rate themselves at the end of the exhibition. People readily engaged with task and were grateful for the personal contact . I intended the performance to comment on the place of evaluation and measurement in art making and exhibiting- a theme that I constantly grappled with working with a small arts organisation but coming from a managerialist perspective

People really enjoyed the playful aspect of the process with one person coming back to rearrange all the postings into faces etc while I was enjoying a  glass of champagne !