Sketches of Venice

I am back now about 4 weeks and evaluating the incredible impact Venice has had on me and my art making. Part of this process is to make an online record of the work I made

The Page of this bog called  Scarlatta shows how I am making photo-montage arising from my Venetian experience.

Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venezia really encouraged me to get my hands dirty making art they had the most amazing collection of paper and materials that really inspired me  Check them  out at

I also sketched most days, often in the company of my friend Morgan and on one memorable morning with Morgan and Maite at San Giorgio Abbey and island at the mouth of the Grand Canal

Many of the sketches have become damaged/altered in the process of completing other works in the sketchbook and as a result of subsequent travels, so I have begun  to scan them and put them on line

My trip to Venice was entirely self funded and I would like to recoup some costs by selling limited editions of the best of these works- I would really appreciate your advice as to your favourite

Here is the first crop
Canal scene near San Maurizio 

Santa Lucia corpus church from Grand Canal 

Olympic theatre stage Vicenza 

Basilllica Padova 

Pilgrim Chapel Madonna della' orto 

San Simeon  Venice 

Interior Santa Lucia corpus 

Apartment opposite Rialto fish market 

and more including one from Genova and two from Budapest 
journal cover Santa Maria della Salute dome 

Maria della Salute from San Giorgio  

Cathedral door Genova 

View of San Giorgio from biennal gardens 

cathedral bell tower Budapest 

Church f the holy hand Budapest