Summer Reflections on The Life of an Artist

An artist's life is a challenging one, akin to an old testament prophet  -most of the time we are striving to make known the unknowable, uncover the invisible and say that one word that most want silenced.. meanwhile dancing with empty pockets !

 our popularity is random and fleeting  and criticism flows freely when we upset established boundaries 

Overall it is a life of close observation and intense reflection

Here is the light  coming from a stain glass window on to a rug in the old convent hallway

and again on the cloister floor .

Occasionally it is our time to own achievement  take charge and like Jesus having his feet washed, accept those small moments of grace 

Here is a picture of me at the Opening of my exhibition and proudly in front of sold work

When the exhibition is over for another year you have to  to hold on to these moments to sustain you through the long months of observation art making and preparing...