vires ad vincula in Sacra servitutis at RED Gallery

In sacra servitutis  translates as 
In sacred bondage
vires ad vincula

force to tie
From the Red gallery exhibition guide 
 Michael O'Hanlon's works employ religious motifs, iconography and ritual adornments to discourse around paradoxical representations of homoeroticism in Catholic culture. Works such as Pieta ad Vincular (Pieta in Chains),2012, and In sacra servitutis vires ad vincula ( to tie in sacrd bondage )2013, from the series Word Made Flesh recontextualise Renaissance figurative traditions by fusing them together with contemporary queer narratives.

Thank you to those who came to my exhibition tonight -you may be wondering what I am going to do with this new creation my stola of leather chain and silk. 
Does anybody get the joke embedded in this image ?

or the reference to a recent event in this one ? 
Feedback from some who saw the show was that they didn't realize its religious significance because of the way it was hung i.e without the human form
Here is another shot of model Chris emphasizing the shape of the garment