Sevilla Journeys of the Heart

It is the  last week of my residency in Seville and I have the apartment to myself   I am wanting to review and document the wonderful time i have had here in Seville in an  Artists Residency in Seville with AIR Gentum .

I wrote in my journal soon after arriving that it is the journeys of the heart that are the most exciting and it has proved to be the case

In Spain I have learnt you have to use your heart to understand things and reach out to people not just your head , especially the case for me with my  minimal spanish

I arrived in time for Semana Santa Holy week in Seville. Nothing can prepare you for the intensity of this experience which involves the whole city in various roles  penitents -Nazarenos-  , muscle men carriers of the heavy statues of the virgin Macarena or Jesus and the saints , marching bands playing sweet and sobre music, altar boys and incense swayers   There is room for individual devotion-  many of the nazarenos are bare footed and say the rosary as they walk- but Semana Santa is also an expression of family and community

 the realism of the statues was amazing with similar faces in the crowd and on the floats

.and in  the end garments are washed and put away  -scene from my rooftop of semana santa washing !

my second major event was SEVILLE FERIA we were so kindly hosted by the Director of AIR Gentum Martina and her spunky friends 


All the while I have actually been making art with the help of volunteer life-drawing and paid photography models- modelo masculinos-both locals and travellers  

My exhibition title was selected in English as Sacred Journeys of the Heart my spanish first choice was camino del coraz√≥n which I will probably use in the melbourne version of the exhibition.

Image used for the exhibition invite 

It was held in an old market store in Calle Santa Angela de la Cruz 3 on the 17th May 2018 at 8pm in central Sevilla that AIR Gentum are converting to a studio and exhibition space. For the first time in many years I exhibited my life drawings.

Two of the models Vicen and Juan attended the opening which must have taken some courage on their part.

We used votive candles to help light the more religious works.

Over the wall which housed the pietas we hung the crown of thorns I had made from wire I had found in an old Shepherds hut with a red flower to symbolize blood and passion.

We had a great crowd turn up lured in part by the promise of a naked performance!
I spoke briefly with Martina interpreting to thank the many people who had helped create and launch the exhibition